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DIY Cactus Garden Idea

DIY Cactus Garden Idea


This one is a nice DIY project which will show you how to plant a simple cactus garden. Plants are always a great idea when it comes to decorating your home so why not making a project with them? Just take a simple circle-shaped vase (make sure that it is a shallower one). Cactuses may be of different forms, this is why they are perfect for this project, as you can group them in different ways. You will also need: rocks, soil and a shovel. Your project will be done in about 20 minutes. Cactus plants do not require as much water as other plants do, in fact watering them once or twice a month should be enough.
First of all, put the rocks on the bottom of your vase, then add the soil on top of the rocks. Be sure to leave enough room for the plants. Plant the cactus in the soil. Arrange them the way you like. In case you have some colorful plants, do not forget to include these ones too. On the top of the soil, pour some rocks again and you are done. Isn’t this cute?










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