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Hollowed Log Planter

Hollowed Log Planter


If you ever felt your home needs an improvement, an inspiring touch of nature, but you didn’t have the necessary time and space to grow a full-size garden, there is an answer to your desire. Decorating lobbies and hall entrances with rustic art doesn’t really fill the gap for what you had in mind. It’s time you try the hollowed log planter. It’s not that difficult to make and your home will definitely get that natural feeling you’ve been searching for. First, make sure you have:

• a 2ft. log that is 10 – 14inches in diameter;
• an 8-inch diameter plastic pot;
• some markers or pencils;
• a wood chisel;
• a hammer;
• a drill with a Forstner Bit (one that makes wide, flat-bottomed holes)

When you’ve decided upon what shape your log planter will have, get it ready. You won’t have to remove twigs or any moss you’ll find on it, because you want that fresh natural feel to it. Be sure though the ends are flat enough so you won’t put in more work than actually needed and it will stand on the ground evenly.

Next, put the log on one of its flat ends, and place the plastic pot on so as to trace the outer rim with a marker or pencil. Use the drill to carefully take out the wood from the log. Repeat the process for the other end of the piece of log. The hammer and chisel can be used to remove any parts remaining inside. You can now place the plastic pot in the log and it won’t be seen from outside.

Finally, drill a hole in the bottom of the log to act like a drainage hole for the excess water that can pour from the pots. Use insecticide on the log if you worry about pests or other insects damaging the log and flowers you may plant in it. Be sure to do it before you actually add your favorite plant inside the log. With that tip in mind, your hollowed log planter is complete and your homestead has a more natural feel now.







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